6 Ways to Keep Spiders Away From Your Home

6 Ways to Keep Spiders Away From Your Home

No matter how big or small, most people aren’t fans of spiders and even if you are, you probably don’t want them in your home or outdoor kitchen! Here are 6 natural friendly ways to keep spiders away from your home…

1. Vinegar

White vinegar is good for soaking feet, cleaning barbecues, keeping washing white – just about anything really! It is also good for keeping spiders away. Spiders don’t like the scent of vinegar so will usually steer clear of it. Mix some vinegar with some warm water in a spray bottle and use it to clean your kitchen area. The vinegar will keep the surface clean and keep spiders away!

Ways to Keep Spiders Away

2. Peppermint

Like ants and mice, spiders also don’t like peppermint. Mixing  up some peppermint essential oil and water in a spray bottle and spraying it around the house should keep spiders away and leave your home smelling fresh!

Ways to Keep Spiders Away - Mint Oil

3. Citrus Rub Down

Spiders also don’t like citrus scents like lemon or orange. Rubbing orange peels in areas spiders usually like to hide (bookshelves, windowsills, etc.) Should do the trick! You could even hollow out an orange, fill it with oil and a wick and make a citrus candle.

Ways to Keep Spiders Away - Citrus Candle

4. You Must Dust!

Of all the ways to keep spiders away, making sure your home or outdoor kitchen is regularly cleaned and dusted will help.

Ways to Keep Spiders Away - Dust

5. Cedar

Cedar wood has an aromatic scent that repels insects. Although a spider is not an insect but rather an arachnid, spiders follow their food and if you eliminate the insects you won’t have a problem with spiders. There are different types of Cedar wood and some Cedar wood loses its scent. The insect repellent properties of Cedar are in the heartwood which means wood chips might not work as well as they’re usually compiled with bark and/or sapwood.

Ways to Keep Spiders Away - Cedar

6. Eucalyptus

Another natural spider repellent is Eucalyptus. Burn some Eucalyptus oil or put some Eucalyptus leaves in your cupboards and nooks to keep spiders away.

Ways to Keep Spiders Away


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