5 Kitchen Cabinet Handles You Need to Know About

Kitchen Cabinet Handles Adelaide

5 Kitchen Cabinet Handles You Need to Know About

5 kitchen Cabinet Handles You Need to Know About

Kitchen handles and knobs and finding the right fit for your style and your home may be more important than you think. They’re about beauty and functionality and can provide the perfect finish to your kitchen space as well as make access to your cabinets and drawers effortless and convenient.

With all the thousands of styles and materials used, there are 5 handles to look out for and consider adding to your kitchen.

Stainless steel bar pull

Great for a modern kitchen, the pull bar is sleek and may work perfectly for the minimalist. The round shapes of the bar give a contrast to the 90-degree shape of the cabinets and drawers. Easy to grab and soft to the touch. Be wary of the length of the pull- you’ll want something on the lengthier side, again for easy grip, this also lends itself to design.

Kitchen Cabinet Handles Adelaide

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Crisscross rope

A trend which has come about is the use of rope crisscrossed to shape a pull. The look definitely lends itself to a more rustic, earthy kitchen design. It provides a beautiful and original look. Bare in mind the grip may be a nuisance and depending on the finish/protectant on the rope, it may wear easily. Being rope though, it is easily replaceable.

The gold bar

Going gold can give your space elegance and class. The colour provides enough oomph to be the accent colour and can be used throughout the space, contrasted with more simple colours that aren’t loud. White cabinets with turquoise or periwinkle and gold accents work brilliantly. A gold bar may not be the best option if you have little ones running around. Being on cabinets and drawers, the sharp corners become a potential hazard for head bonks.

Don’t forget the knobs

Kitchen cabinet knobs are important to consider for your space. While some folk find them more of a hassle for everyday use due to a lesser grip (depending on the knob), there is a huge variety of styles and shapes that you may fall in love with. For a more artsy space, porcelain knobs with floral or abstract patterns can become the main attraction in the kitchen.  A square, wooden knob works for a more rustic or modern space.

Kitchen Cabinet Handles Adelaide

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The cup handle

Cup handles can come in various metals and materials. They provide an easy grip, give an aesthetic of elegance and work well with almost all kitchen styles. Take into consideration the hand to cup size ratio of the household. Sometimes they can be too small for some members of the house to grab on to so make sure they are a decent size. Copper cup handles to give your space an exquisite and unique touch.

Kitchen Cabinet Handles Adelaide

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Figure out which pull or knob works best for your lifestyle and needs when considering functionality. Always remember comfort, finish and don’t break the bank getting the perfect look. There is more often than not something for you in all styles.

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