4 Lawnless Gardens To Inspire You!

Lawness gardens to inspire you

4 Lawnless Gardens To Inspire You!

“I love mowing the lawn.” Said no one ever. Okay, I know a few people who like mowing the lawn, but not many. If you’ve got the space for a lawn, great! But not everyone has space or time to maintain it. Thankfully there are heaps of gorgeous lawnless gardens out there. Here are some lawnless gardens to inspire you.

A Pot Plant Garden

There’s nothing cuter than a pot plant garden. Fill up your back garden with a variety of flowers that are easy to grow an manage. Incorporate hanging plants to spread the greenery. You could even try a vertical herb wall.

Lawnless gardens to inspire you!

Image source: The Planthunter

A Veggie Garden

Turn your backyard into your very own veg grocer. Sprinkle mulch or tree bark on the ground and use raised planters to set up your veggie patches.

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Lawnless gardens to inspire you

Image source: Bobvila


A tiled courtyard is easy to maintain.  Use pot plants and wall creepers to bring the area to life! Add a bench or table and chairs and make it the perfect outdoor space to catch up with friends and family.

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Lawness gardens to inspire you!

Image source: Houzz.com.au

Rock out with a rock garden!

No lawn? No worries! Rocks and stones look super cool in a back garden and require no maintenance.

Lawness gardens to inspire you!

Image source: DIY Network

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